Discover Chemist Confessions and their fresh, science-based skincare range

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Do you ever buy things in the hope that they will magically improve your life, but you don’t really know if they will, but you buy it anyway because you really hope (and maybe even believe) that it will make life better? You’ve probably bought skincare like that, you may have bought fancy supplements like that, or perhaps even that public speaking / perfumery / Spanish / horse vaulting course. 

This is a real problem in skincare, which is why when we find products that really make a difference to our skin, we hold on tight and don’t let go. This is why we just can’t get enough of skincare that works because it is based on real, scientific test results. Let me introduce you to Chemist Confessions, two indie beauty entrepreneurs from California, and their high performance, science-based skincare line.


Chemist Confessions, and their science-based skincare line are from California. There is a lot to love about California, not least of all, the stunning beaches.

There are a lot of things to love about California, Chemist Confessions is just one of them!


Chemist Confessions is known for its transparent and science-based skincare advice and skincare line, focused on active ingredients in just the right concentrations. Their trustworthy advice has landed them features in Elle, Huff post, Stylecaster, Fashonista, Her, and New Beauty magazines, among others. With an instagram following of over 100,000, an oversubscribed customer testing programme, and more products under development, Chemist Confessions is one to watch.

How Chemist Confessions’ science-based skincare began

Victoria and Gloria, the creative entrepreneurs behind Chemist Confessions and its science-based skincare range.

Victoria, on the left, and Gloria, the creative duo behind Chemist Confessions


Gloria and Victoria, the creative beauty entrepreneurs behind Chemist Confessions, hit it off at L’Oreal, where they worked as skincare formulation chemists. Gloria’s specialty was projects with high levels of actives, while Victoria excelled in upstream anti-aging technology.  

Educated at Cornell and the University of California, Gloria and Victoria really know their skincare chemistry. Their knowledge of ingredients is reflected in everything they do. From the wealth of information on their instagram posts, to the formulation of their science-based skincare range, it is all designed to help us be well informed, make educated choices, and use ingredients that are proven to work.

@chemist.confessions instablog

Their popular instablog @chemist.confessions came first, to share their chemist perspective and expertise in the hopes of helping others shop for better, science-based skincare. Their blog features marketing-free advice on ingredients, and #decodethatIL where the chemists interpret ingredients lists on popular skincare products, giving independent, trustworthy advice.

Go check it out and give @chemist.confessions a follow, you won’t regret it. They also just started a podcast, canvassing topics like oily skin and acne, and the latest cleansing devices, which you can find on their blog.

Want to know more about the latest fandangliest ingredients? How about acids? Want to know how to combine skincare ingredients like a beauty guru? They’ve got you sorted. 

Science-based skincare line

Their innovative, science-based skincare line came next, in January 2018, almost accidentally, borne out of the growth of their instablog, and encouragement from others.

“After the organic traction and encouragement from others, we decided to take the leap and see if we could bring our values of transparency and education to the product side.” Chemist Confessions

The goods

“The goal here is to create meaningful, fundamental pieces that can really stand as skincare pillars and elevate people’s routine.” Chemist Confessions

The ultimate customisable moisturising line

Chemist Confessions’ first offering to science-based skincare was a customisable moisturising line, designed to be mixed up, layered and lathered according to your skin’s needs. Dry one day and normal the next? This range has got you covered.

There are four moisturising products that deliver long term soothing and barrier repair benefits, based on the knowledge that skin barrier function is fundamental to skin health.  A healthy skin barrier is critical, particularly for those using actives like retinol and AHAs.

“a strong, uncompromised skin barrier is one of the most important foundations to great skincare.” Chemist Confessions

Aquafix is their hydrating serum, jam-packed with hydrating and soothing powerhouses that are integral in keeping skin happily hydrated.

Mr Reliable is a lightweight gel cream for all skin types, the perfect daily moisturiser for calm, hydrated skin.

The Better Oil is a skin-brightening plant based oil containing a strategic blend of nourishing sea buckthorn, black currant, and rosehip oils.

Balm Voyage is a dry patch eliminator with moisture barrier support. Perfect for pesky dry patches.

The products are complementary and will perform for any skin type.

  • Very dry or dry skin? Use the powers of layering to repair your skin barrier. Pair Aquafix + The Better Oil. 
  • Got dry patches too? Pop a little Balm Voyage on those puppies.
  • Normal skin? Reach for Mr. Reliable, you can add Aquafix underneath if your skin needs a little extra TLC.
  • Oily? Mr. Reliable is all you need.
  • Very Oily? Just use the Aquafix and you’re good to glow! 

Hey beauties - don’t forget your sunscreen!


The Better Oil - packed with a strategic blend of skin brightening ingredients.


Latest science-based skincare releases

After the success of their moisturising line, those beauty innovators are back again, with the recent release of two new science-based skincare products - a gel cleanser and a gentle acid treatment. 

Blank Slate is their contribution to your clean skin, all prepped and ready for moisturisation. A perfect gel cleanser that will remove make-up and whatever else landed on your face today. Suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive skin beauties.

Baby Steps is the gentle AHA/PHA exfoliation option that gets results. Want to get some of that acid magic that everyone is raving about, but scared of what putting acids and strong actives on your face might do? Then Baby Steps is your answer. Gentle enough for the more delicate skins among us, but still packed with 45% acids, so you will see and feel those smooth skin results. 


Baby Steps - your gentle introduction to acids, perfect for sensitive skin beauties.


They promise there is more where that came from (*wink wink nudge nudge*), but Gloria and Victoria don’t want to be chasing trends, and don’t aspire to create a huge skincare collection, instead creating a fundamental science-based skincare capsule that everyone can use to take their skin care to the next level.

Skin factoids! Gloria’s skin is dry with troublesome blackheads, and ever evolving freckles. She has a hard time with retinol. Victoria’s skin is dry in winter, oily in summer. She’s worried about these worry lines, and has acne...still! Their product line was built to handle all their concerns and, chances are, it will help blast yours too.


Skincare tips and advice

We asked our indie beauty entrepreneurs, Gloria and Victoria, for their top three science-based skincare tips. They told us:

  1. If you want a skincare product to perform, the actives in it have to be at the right concentration. A cat’s sneeze worth of actives is not going to get you very far…
  2. Consistency is key. A simple cleanse + moisturize + sun protection routine that covers all the fundamentals is more valuable than trying to stack 10 different products but not really sticking to any. 
  3. Skincare results take a little bit of time. Raise an eyebrow at anything that promises you results overnight.

Chemist Confessions’ science-based skincare philosophy

Well, you may have guessed by now, but these guys have a super simple philosophy that keeps their customers coming back for more.

  1. Chemist approved ingredients - tried and true ingredients that are backed by loads of independently peer reviewed scientific studies, so you know you are getting the best for your skin. Each ingredient is used at the optimum concentration so you will see and feel the results. No marketing wizardry or hocus pocus here.
  2. A simple look at skincare - befuddled by the complicated advice you hear around the traps? Chemist Confessions keeps it simple, knowing that all skincare routines have essentially four parts: cleanse, moisturise, sun protection and active treatments.
  3. Skincare science - giving you marketing-free, trustworthy skincare advice so that you can make educated and better choices for your skincare routine.

Chemist Confessions stands for transparency, education, and most importantly, keeping skincare fun! 

What’s next for Chemist Confessions?

First up, there’s more goodness coming. Their immediate goal is to round out the Chemist Confessions’ science-based skincare product line with all the fundamental actives that they think are musts. And because we love their honest advice, they are also going to grow their educational content. After all, you can’t have a proper science-based skincare routine without the proper knowledge behind it.

Come start your skincare fling with Chemist Confessions’ science-based skincare here, and stay tuned for their product development news and product launches by joining our indie beauty community here.