3 Quick Tips for Sensitive Skin

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Get your beauty on with our top three tips for sensitive skin

It seems that more and more of us have sensitive skin these days, what’s that all about?! And it’s so tricky to know what to do. Ultimately, preventing the reaction is where we want to be, but how do we do that? And what do we do when that reaction pops up anyway?

We’ve got you, hey, we have sensitive skin too. So, we’ve been doing some research and testing ourselves (read buffing and lathering), and have pulled together three top tips for sensitive skin beauties, just like you! 


Tips for sensitive skin

Is my skin sensitive?

Here are some signs you could have sensitive skin:

  • you get tingling (not the good kind) or burning sensations on your skin
  • your skin feels tight, tighter than that Billie Eilish gig
  • you get red, flaky, scaly or itchy patches
  • your skin is prone to general redness and flushing 

You know your skin the best, and like the boss that you are, you are going to find out exactly what makes your skin tick and how to keep it calm with these tips for sensitive skin.


What do I do? Three tips for sensitive skin

Hands up who already knows how to manage their sensitive skin? If you’re reading this, it’s fair to assume that you could do with some pointers. Maybe, like us, you’ve tried stuff and it didn’t really help much, or perhaps you’ve never tried anything at all and the doctor always sorts it out. 

Depending on your type of reaction, it can really knock your confidence. The good news is that there are tips for sensitive skin that will help us avoid reactions in the first place, and get our skin back on track when it really packs it in. No matter what is going on for your skin, these three quick tips for sensitive skin will help your skin to heal, and max out that natural glow. 


1: Tips for Sensitive Skin

First things first, you’ve got a flare up and you need to do something.

Go easy

It goes without saying that if you have sensitive skin, you need to choose your skincare products carefully. When we notice that our skin is irritated or flaring up, we really really need to pare back our routine until the skin has calmed down. The critical goal at this point is to remove any triggers and let your skin find its mojo again. Steer clear of any whizz bang, promise-to-transform-your-skin-overnight, and ingredients-list-longer-than-your commute products you have started using lately and really nurture your skin with tried and true, gentle products.

Tips for sensitive skin when it is flaring:

  • Stick with basic moisturisers or facial oils
  • Avoid serum 
  • Do not exfoliate
  • Use a good quality pure mineral powder makeup, or none at all
  • Cleanse gently  – use a non-foaming cleanser for sensitive skin

Try Speak Powder Cleanser for a super gentle clean good enough for eczema prone skin.

Try Speak Prickly Pear Oil for maxing out nutrition and hydration on irritated skin.

Try Chemist Confessions Balm Voyage for nourishing dry flaky patches.

Sensitive Skin Tip:  Take evasive action as soon as you notice signs of irritation. As soon as that dry patch starts emerging, or that redness dial goes up, implement your super calm skin routine, and nip that reaction in the bud.


 Tips for sensitive skin - be gentle by using gentle products.


2: Tips for Sensitive Skin

Know your triggers

Okay, your skin has calmed down. Let’s debrief the situation. What was it that caused this ruckus in the first place? The good news is that, although it may not be immediately obvious,  you can figure this out. If you can nail what it is that you react to, then you are on the way to enjoying clear and gorgeous skin for the rest of your life. This is the most important of our tips for sensitive skin!

Reaction time

If you react immediately (burning or tingling feeling on contact) then all you need to do is take a look at the ingredients list of the product you’re using, keep a note of the product and keep the ingredients list on hand. Which ingredients are common between the products that you reacted to? Do that every time you feel the tingle or burn, and this will help you identify the culprit/s.

What if the reaction appears days later?

Or, if you are like me, and the reaction doesn’t appear for a few days, you need to look back and identify what new products have come into your life recently and go from there.

These tips for sensitive skin can help to identify and avoid irritating products:

  • Only introduce one new product at a time – leave at least three days between introducing new products, but limiting it to one a week is better. Then you can easily identify the culprit if a reaction emerges.
  • Introduce new products slowly - It’s a bit like having a new boy/girl/special friend. Don’t let the new skincare love of your life move in right away. Make them wait a while! Use them a couple of times a week at first, then increase it if everything seems fine. This is especially true if your new skin/boy/girl/special friend is a bit racy and super-charged (read - super powerful ingredients including those that pretend to transform skin overnight).
  • Patch test – before you start using a new product on your face, dab it on the skin just below and behind your ear a couple of times a day for a few days and see how that goes.
  • Double cleanse at night-time –  washing your face once at night time isn’t enough to get rid of all the makeup and other stuff that has landed on you during the day. Dirt and leftover products on the skin can be irritating. Cleansing twice ensures that your skin is truly clear before you apply your night-time routine.

Sensitive Skin Tip:  Follow K-beauty wisdom and double cleanse at night using an oil based cleanser, followed by a water based cleanser.


Try Naya Cleansing Oil, followed by Chemist Confessions Blank Slate.

Common triggers for sensitive skin

There are some usual suspects when it comes to triggers for sensitive skin. 

Keep an eye out for these things in ingredients lists if you have a reaction, and notice if they are recurring in products you react to:

  • Essential oils – particularly tea tree, mint, lavender and citrus
  • Fragrance
  • Chemical sunscreens – e.g. oxybenzone, octinoxate
  • Preservatives – e.g. methylisothiazolinone
  • Sodium lauryl / laureth sulphate
  • Lanolin

What if skincare doesn’t seem to trigger me?

If you aren’t having any luck identifying dodgy skin care ingredients that are causing you grief, then it could be dietary, so keep an eye on any patterns there too. Some foods that can inflame skin are dairy products, coffee, wine, sugar, tomatoes, and citrus fruit. As much as I love my wine, my skin thanks me when I have less of it *sobs into glass of kombucha*.

Sensitive Skin Tip: The other culprit to watch for is dirty makeup brushes. It is best to wash them weekly, or use cream based products with clean fingers and avoid brushes altogether.

Tips for sensitive skin - watch out for dirty makeup brushes

Dirty makeup brushes can irritate skin - it pays to wash them once a week or so.


3: Tips for Sensitive Skin

Okay, so you may or may not have figured out what your trigger is...the next best thing to do is keep your skin healthy so it is less likely to go bonkers on you, and can better withstand known irritants.

Hydrated skin makes for healthy skin

Dry or dehydrated skin is much more likely to be irritated or reactive. To test if your skin is dehydrated, gently push your skin together using two hands - if fine wrinkles form, then your skin is dehydrated. If a nice plump piece of cheek rises up, then dehydration is not your problem! This is one of our best tips for sensitive skin, because you’re able to tell straight away if you’re on top of your hydration game. 

Stay hydrated on the inside too

We all know that we need to drink (or eat!) plenty of fluids. Seriously, you will notice a difference in the underlying structure of your skin. Lines and wrinkles will fill out, skin will feel plump, your whole body will feel better! Drinking more water is hugely beneficial for our whole person, especially our skin.

Tips for sensitive skin - hydrate your skin from the inside and the outside.
Hydrate from the inside with delicious fruit infused drinks. 


Rehydration tips for sensitive skin 


Try these top three tips for sensitive skin rehydration, stat:

  • Exfoliate gently to allow products to penetrate into your skin more easily.
  • Apply thin layers of hydrating products to lock in moisture – a serum, a few drops of oil, followed by a good quality moisturiser and sunblock. This will really help keep your skin nourished through the day.
  • Apply products to damp skin – this helps the products to absorb.


For a gentle exfoliation try Speak Powder Cleanser, and when your skin is healthy, keep it that way with Chemist Confessions Baby Steps

Layer up the hydration with:

Follow these top 3 tips for sensitive skin:

  1. Go easy on irritated skin to help your skin heal
  2. Know your triggers
  3. Keep your skin hydrated to prevent irritation in its tracks


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Tips for sensitive skin - a round up

Do you find yourself too scared to try new products in case they send your skin into outer space? Once you know the recipe for caring for your sensitive skin you will be confident to change up your routine and try new products. Our skin’s needs change with the seasons and time, and there are constantly beautiful new products coming out to help you take your skin to the next level. Feel confident in managing your skin by following our top tips for sensitive skin:

  1. Go easy on stressed skin
  2. Know your triggers
  3. Keep your skin hydrated

Drop us a line with what you’ve learnt about your skin. What are your tips for sensitive skin? What do you react to? What helps your skin look and feel its best?

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