Baby Steps Exfoliator

Chemist Confessions

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They're at it again, those geniuses at Chemist Confessions have taken science-based skincare to the next level with this gentle acid exfoliant. Other acids on the market can be super powerful and scary, but this pocket rocket delivers results without the nasty side effects. Tried and tested by sensitive skin beauties, Baby Steps is the best way to dip your toe into the world of acids without fear of repercussions. Only the good kind here folks.

Maybe you've had a fling with AHAs that ended badly and you're scared to go back. With 30% PHA (the most gentle acid on the market) and 15% lactic acid, this beauty doesn't shy away from actives, but these are the nice guys on the block, they will be kinder, promise. The boswellia serrata extract (from Indian frankincense) is a skin-calmer from way back and will help you out with this powerful combo. Free from fragrance and essential oils, your sensitive skin will thank you.

For daily use add one drop to your serum or moisturiser. For a more potent weekly treatment, apply a thin layer to dry skin and leave on for 10 minutes. If you're enthusiastic, you can do both. But do avoid eye contact.

Baby Steps comes in a 30ml treatment tube, which should last you around 6 months.