Balm Voyage

Chemist Confessions

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Transform those pesky dry patches to dewy beauty spots with this gold standard balm. Loaded with almost 50% petrolatum, the most effective occlusive (that means that it stops moisture leaving your skin) known, olive-derived squalene, and calming boswellia serrata - this balm will take you from meeting to party in the flash of a glittery eyelid.

Keep it in your bag and pop it on parched lips and bits - it dries matte so you don't have to worry about slick, shiny patches. This 25ml tube will last ages, probably around 6 months. 

Balm Voyage is part of Chemist Confessions' stellar line up of science-based skincare. Pair it with Aquafix, Mr Reliable, and/or The Better Oil to find your own customisable moisturising solution.