Pureshade Moisturising Brightening Sunscreen

New Zealand Sunscreen Company

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This multitasking master not only blocks out those villainous sunrays, it moisturises, brightens and delivers anti-ageing goodness all in one tube. Its light formulation soaks in like a dream, and is packed with natural powerhouse ingredients sourced from New Zealand bush and bees. This natural sunscreen will quickly become a staple in your morning skincare session.  

  • Brighten the skin and prevent unwanted pigmentation with Clair Blanche, Pohutukawa and grape seed extracts
  • Beat those pesky free radicals with Pohutuawa extract and Vitamin B5
  • Soothe and repair dry skin with lanolin, Omega 3 and a host of plant oils
  • Promote blemish-free skin with the anti-microbial properties of Manuka honey

Broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection against UVA ad UVB rays, this little beauty will protect you from sun damage. Handy 70ml tube fits in your handbag so you can update your skin protection during the day.

An effective and natural sunscreen, designed for all skin types, including our sensitive skin beauties.